Imani Duckett Biography

Imani Duckett was born on 28th March 1999. Her birthplace is New York. She belongs to American Nationality and black ethnicity. She is the daughter of a famous actress, singer, and producer (Jasmine Guy). Imani Duckett has a passion for being a dancer and actress.

Just like her mother ‘Jaminw Guy’ she also wants to be an actress in her life. Imani’s thinking is that her passion for dancing and acting is coming from her mother’s inheritance. So, that’s why Imani Duckett also attends dance and acting classes.

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Imani Duckett Education

Imani Duckett did her school from high school in the city of Atlanta. Atlanta is the city where Imani Duckett’s mother spends her life. She might be the graduated Young girl. But it is still unknown from where she got her graduation degree. It is clear that Imani Duckett’s parents and siblings all are very humble and looks like educated people so that Imani Duckett could be also. Her way of talking is not less than a skilled and educated person. We are not familiar but we will update you soon. Stay tuned with us.

Imani Duckett Career

Imani Duckett still didn’t start their career. But she all gets everything in her life that she wants. Because Imani Duckett has a mother who is an actress and Jasmine Guy is enough to fulfill all desires of her daughter. So, Imani’s dependent on Jasmine Guy. But according to her passion for acting and dancing, we are pretty sure that she come to the film and entertainment industry and will get fame just like her mother in her upcoming days of life. But still, she’s don’t having a career.

Imani Duckett Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight, Eye, and Hair Color

According to 2021, Imani Duckett is 22 years old female. She is listed in the third star of the Astrological sign i.e Aries. As to her photos, Imani Duckett looks like a tall pretty girl and she also has perfect body weight and other measurements. Imani’s eyes color is black brown and her hair color is too black. Nothing more information about Imani Duckett we have. But we will update you.

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Imani Duckett Family, Boyfriend and Relationship status

Imani Duckett’s mother (Jasmine Guy) is a popular actress in the film industry. Imani Duckett also wants to make herself like her mother Jasmine. She is trying to be a well-known celebrity in the entertainment industry came as her mother and hopefully, she will be. While talking about her father, Terrance Duckett is her father.

Her father is African American and her mother is white American. Imani is the only adorable daughter of her parents. They don’t have another child. Nothing more information regarding her father. Many years ago both her parents, Jasmine Guy and Terrance Duckett started their separate ways. Due to some personal issues, both their parents filed for divorce. According to social Rumors, it comes to know that Imani Duckett actual father is Tupac Shakur. Imani Duckett doesn’t have any siblings. Also, she is not in a relationship with any guy. She is still single.

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Imani Duckett Net Worth

Imani Duckett doesn’t have her profession. She is dependent on her mother Jasmine. So, Imani Duckett doesn’t have a net worth. Her all expenses depend on Jasmine. However, Jasmine Guy’s net worth is about $2-$4 Million. She is very stable financially. Both daughter Imani and mother Jasmine live together. Jasmine had did a huge investment in her life. Jasmine did it herself without the help of her husband Terrence Duckett. So, the main support of Imani is her mother. But she will do her own business in the upcoming life.

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Imani Duckett Social Media

There is not enough information regarding the social media accounts of Imani Duckett. she is not active on any social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other site. Rarely, we have seen Imani on social sites. She wants to keep her life away from the public and limelight. She is a secretive type of person. She is 22 years old, but there are fewer chances that Imani Duckett has social accounts. For any information regarding Imani Duckett, we have to visit the IMBD sites and Wikipedia. But we also update you with further details of Imani Duckett soon.

Imani Duckett Timeline

Let’s talk about the life of Imani Duckett. As we already told her mother and father no longer remain together. According to their decision, they both sign the file of Divorce. But Imani’s father Terrence did not want to let her daughter go. He wants to live with her daughter. So, after the divorce, Imani is living with her mother. Imani Duckett is living a luxurious life. There is much time to decide and choose of career by Imani. However, Imani got a chance of acting in a debut by Freddie Ashley. Imani performed it on the Atlanta stage and the play entitled was Serial black fire. Her performance was very brilliant and everyone also likes that. Imani Duckett also played the role of Lakota, as the daughter of Vivian living and a teenage rebel at the time of the Atlanta Child murders in 1979. By looking at this performance, no one can deny Imani’s talents and skills. So, here we can estimate that she will be the best actress in her upcoming life. She has the same passion just like Jasmine Guy and also Imani is showing her full attention towards her goal of acting and dancing. While Jasmine started her career in 1988 for the first time. when she was selected as a Dina of School Daze i.e, a musical drama film. This selection was made by a famous director Spike Lee. After that, Jasmine also appeared in a TV drama show ‘The fresh prince of Bel_Air. Jasmine also played the role of will smitt girlfriend as Kayla.

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