Who is Dominic Seagal? Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend

Dominic Seagal (Kelly LeBrock son) Biography

Dominic Seagal was born on 21st June 1990. His birthplace is California of United States. Dominic Seagal is a well-known actor in the United States. Dominic belongs to American nationality as well as Dominic Seagal holds white ethnic background. Dominic is popular from the start because he is the son of two famous personalities named: Steven Seagal and Kelly Lebrock. Steven Seagal is a well-known American actor, musician, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist. Steven was born on 10 April 1952 in Lansing, Michigan, United States.

According to 2021, Steven is 69 years old man. Steven Seagal Seagal holds the citizenship of both Serbian and Russian. While her mother Kelly Lebrock is an English actress and model of America. Lebrock was born on 24 March 1960. Her birthplace is New York, United State. According to 2021, Lebrock is 61 years old woman.  And another movie was in 1990 that was Hard to kill with Lebrocks husband Steven Seagal.

One was this famous personality Dominic seagal who was born in 1990 and the other was their daughter Arissa who was born in 1993. But unfortunately, due to some personal issues, both husband and wife decided to separate. Right after the birth of their daughter Arissa, both husband-wife filed the divorce paper. Lebrock and steven also had another daughter Annaliza Seagal.

Birthday21st June 1990
BirthplaceCalifornia of United States
OccupationAmerican actor, musician, screenwriter, producer, and martial artis
Zodiac SignGemini

Dominic Seagal Education

Dominic Seagal is an educated and well-mannered person. He did his schooling from kindergarten and high school. Dominic is a graduate person. We dont know about Dominic Seagals institute from where he got his degree of graduation. We are trying our best to disclose Dominics educational and earliest background.

Dominic Seagal Career

While talking about Dominic Seagals career, He is an actor of America. Dominic Seagal got the passion for Acting through his parents. Dominics siblings and parents all are famous personalities of the entertainment industry. As Steven and Lebrock choose the profession of acting and had moved towards the film industry, So thats why their children also think it better to go into the entertainment industry.

Dominic Seagal Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight, Eye Color, and Hair Color

According to 2021, Dominic Seagal is 31 years old man. He is an adorable and handsome person. Dominic is 6 feet 1 inch taller. In meters, it will be 1.85m. While Dominics Seagal weight is about 71kgs and lbs it is 156lbs. Dominics eye color is Hazel and their hair color is brown. Dominic Seagal also got fame in his life as the owner of a handsome personality. Dominic Seagal got a huge fan following not only his performance but also on Dominics personality.

Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown

Dominic Seagal Family, Boyfriend and Relationship status

Dominic Seagal is the son of Steven Seagal and Kelly Lebrock. Who got divorced after a strong relationship. Dominic has two biological sisters and four unbiological siblings. Dominics biological sisters are Arissa Lebrock and Annaliza Seagal. While his unbiological siblings are two stepbrothers and two stepsisters including Kunzang Seaga, and Kentaro Seagal, Fujitani, and Savannah Seagal. Dominic Seagal is still single. He is not in a relationship with any personality also Dominic doesnt have any children. But we are trying to find Dominics personal life and relationship.

ParentsSteven Seagal and Kelly Lebrock

Dominic Seagal Net Worth

From different websites, it comes to know that Dominic Seagal net worth is about $500 thousand as being with the profession of actor. But hopefully, in the upcoming days, Dominic Seagal will have a salary in Millions like other personalities of America in the entertainment industry. Lets talk about Dominics father Stevens net worth. Because he was the most famous personality. Stevens Seagal net worth is about $16 million approximately. While Dominics mother Kelly Lebrocks net worth is near about $2 Million. Steven Seagal earned huge fame as well as money by performing in different movies like one of his best movies Hard to kill earned $47.4 million whose budget is near about $11.5 Million.

Net Worth$ 500 thousand

Dominic Seagal Social Media

Dominic Seagal is not available on any social media accounts. But with one. Dominic Seagal is just available on a YouTube channel named: The late show with Stephen. Where Stephen had shown his Life. His all performance and movies. Stephens also shared about their childrens and ex-wife. Successfully, Stephen got huge fame on his YouTube channel with 8.67 Subscribes and more than or equal to 1.7 Million views on each video that Stephens had shared.

Dominic Seagal Timeline

Dominic Seagal is living luxurious life being the son of the richest person in America. Dominic is getting huge fame day by day due to his personality as well as performance in the film industry. We are pretty sure that in the coming days Dominic Seagal will also be such a superstar like his father Stephen Seagal. The main reason behind the fame of Dominic Seagal is his parents.

Following a famous performance of Kelly Lebrock are: Lebrock acts to debut in 1984 The Woman In Red as a co-starring Gene wilder. Lebrock also starred in another two movies, one of which is with Lebrocks husband. In 1985 in the movie of Weird sciences that is directed by John Hughes.

Lebrock and steven were in a strong relationship with each other. And then they decided to marry each other. Finally, in 1987 both husband and wife got married. Lebrock and Steven Seagal were blessed with two youngsters.

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