Melanie Lynn Clapp Biography

Melanie Lynn Clapp was born in 1964. In 2022, she is 58 years old. The ethnicity of Melanie Lynn Clap is Caucasian. Melanie Lynn Clap has an American Nationality. Lynn Clapp was born in the United States of America. Melanie Lynn Clapp has brown blonde hair. She has dark brown eyes.

In 1990, Melanie Lynn Clapp moved to LA. She moved there for her design career. She met with Johnny during her design career in La when she was designing jewelry and clothes. We have no information about Melanie Lynn Clapp’s parents. She has not revealed any information about her personal life.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Education

We do not know about Melanie Lynn’s education. Because she has not revealed about her education. We only know her as the ex-wife of Johnny Knoxville.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Career

Melanie Lynn Clapp starts her career as a designer. In starting she worked as a jewelry and clothing designer. She worked as a cloth designer for short time. After that, she started interior designing and home remodeling. Her design work was so famous and was liked most.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Melanie Lynn Clapp has 5 feet and 6 inches in height. Her weight is 60kg.  Lynn Clap has dark brown eyes. She has Blonde hair. She focuses on her fitness and goes to the gym on daily basis. Melanie Lynn Clapp has brown color eyes. Her body measurements are 36-30-34. She has blonde hair. Her weight is suitable according to her height. Melanie Lynn has white skmelanie, Lynn Clapp, again. She looks amazing.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Boyfriend, Family, and Relationship Status

On May 15, 1995, Melanie married Johnny. Johnny is a Hollywood star. Melanie spent his previous life marital. Johnny was addicted to gambling. Lynn Clapp married Johnny and help in his recovery from addiction. In 1996, they got blessed with a child. The child was a girl and her name is Madison Clapp.

In March 2008, Johnny gives divorce to Melanie Clapp. Johnny got married to Naomi Nelson after the divorce with Melanie Lynn. Johnny and Naomi Nelson also have a kid now. Melanie Lynn lives with her daughter in Los Angeles and spends a private life. Melanie Lynn Clapp did not move on after her divorce and lives single with her daughter. Her daughter is now 26 years old in 2022. Her daughter Madison got her school education from Oakwood School. She graduates from Oberlin College. Melanie Lynn and Johnny gave the joined custody of their daughter. Madison is attached to both her father and mother. We do not know about Melanie Lynn’s childhood life.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Net Worth

The net worth income of Melanie Lynn Clap was $500,000,00 in 2020. Melanie Lynn Clapp earns from her job. No other more information is available about Melanie Lynn Clapp’s earnings. We do not know her other professional career which he started after marriage.

They have a net worth of $1.8 million from their house which they buy after marriage. Melanie Lynn and her ex-husband Johnny was bought a house in Dayton Beach, in May 2004. In September 2018, they traded the house when they got divorced.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Social Media

Melanie Lynn Clapp is famous as the ex-wife of Johnny. Johnny is a Hollywood star. He is well known as a stunt performer, filmmaker, and comedian. Melanie Clapp is famous as a designer and modeler.  Lynn Clapp has no account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube, etc. On social media, she is not active. So we do not have any information about her social media career.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Timeline

Melanie Lynn Clapp is famous as a fashion designer and as the ex-wife of Johnny. She remained 12 years in a relationship. On May 15, 1995, Melanie Lynn Clapp got married to Hollywood actor Johnny. They blessed a daughter named Madison.

They got divorced in 2008. Johnny then got married to Naomi Nelson and Melanie Lynn Clapp lives single with her daughter. Melanie Lynn Clapp earns her money from her fashion design business. Melanie Lynn Clapp has almost $500,000 earnings from her designer career. Johnny met her daughter Madison yet now because they decided to share the custody of her daughter after the divorce.

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