Who is Trey Parker’s ex-wife Boogie Tillmon? Bio

Boogie Tillmon Biography

In the 1980s, Boogie Tillmon was born in California USA in Los Angeles. Boogie Tillmon is female by her gender. Tillmon has an American Nationality. Boogie Tillmon is known as a strip dancer. Her real name is Boogie Tillmon. Boogie Tillmon is 40 years old. She is a former stripper bey her profession. Her place of birth is the United States of America. Boogie’s marital status is divorced. Her husband’s name is Trey Parker.

Boogie Tillmon married Trey Parker in 2014. She remained as her wife for 5 years. Her relationship end in 2019. In 2019, Trey Parker divorced Boogie Tillmon. They remained in a relation from 2014-2019. She has white Ethnicity. Her hair color is dark. She has dark blonde hair. Her eye color is brown which looks so attractive and amazing. She looks so beautiful. Boogie Tillmon and Trey parker’s kid’s name is Betty Boogie Parker.

Birth PlaceCalifornia
Popular AsStripper
Zodiac SignN/A

Boogie Tillmon Education

There is no information available about Boogie Tillmon’s education. We do not know from where he did his graduation. We do not know about her school education. Because she has not revealed any information about her education. So we do not know that in which standard she is studying or studied and from which institution she complete her school and graduation education.

Boogie Tillmon Career

Boogie Tillmon’s career is a former stripper. Tillmon earned fame from her career, working as a stripper. She earned a reputation for her work. Boogie Tillmon married Trey Parker which is known as the producer of South Park and become more famous.

After marriage she became famous as a wife of Trey Parker so, she left her job and began to live with her husband and with her kid.

Boogie Tillmon Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Boogie Tillmon was born in 1980, and now sho is 40 years old. Tillmon has a slim body. We do not know her body measurements. The information about her weight and height is also unavailable so we also do not know about her weight and height. But we know that she is a fitness lover.

She goes to the gym and takes daily exercise. Her slim body can be shown in her pictures and she looks so beautiful and amazing due to her slim body. She takes a good diet and has a fit body for work in the entertainment industry and has an attractive look.

Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown

Boogie Tillmon Boyfriend, Family, and Relationship status

Boogie Tillmon remained as the wife of Trey Parker. They married in 2014. She remained in a very happy and excellent relationship before their divorce. They also have a kid and her name is Betty Boogie Parker. They separate in 2019 and divorced. We do not know the place where they met. We also do not who these couples met. They dated for 3 years before their marriage but the place and date are still unknown.

The information about the Boogie Tillmon family is also not known. She has not told about her parents and siblings in any of her posts. So we do not know her father and mother’s names. This is also not known that how many siblings she has.


Boogie Tillmon Net Worth

Boogie Tillmon’s net Worth income is almost $400 million. Before marriage, her source of income was her job. She was working at a former stripper and that was her source of income. But after marriage, she left her job and he earns then from social media because after marriage she became more famous on social media. But there is no information available of her current source of income. We estimate that she is earning from her former stripper career.

Net Worth$400 Million
Source Of IncomeStripper

Boogie Tillmon Social Media

Boogie Tillmon become famous after her marriage. Before marriage, she was not available on social media. After marriage she became famous as the wife of Trey Parker and then she earned a lot of fame. She gained most of her fame after marriage and become a social media star.

Tillmonuploaded photos on many social media sites with her husband at many award ceremonies. She also made an Instagram account. Her Instagram account name is Boogie Tillmon Instagram.

Boogie Tillmon Timeline

Boogie Tillmon was born in the 1980s. She has an American Nationality. Tillmon worked as a former stripper. She married in 2014 and left her job after marriage. On August 19 they blessed a child and her name is Betty Boogie parker. Her daughter is now 7 years old.

They have joined custody of their daughter. She remained 5 years as the wife of Trey Parker and they divorced in 2019. Boogie Tillmon tried her best to survive her relationship but in the end, she decided to separate. Trey Parker is known as a famous director, comedian, producer, and voice artist and he is very popular on social media and Boogie Tillmon also earned fame due to Tillmon Parker because he was famous.

Boogie Tillmon is also known as a dancer. In childhood, she lived with her parents. Boogie Tillmon is now single and she is focusing on her career. Boogie Tillmon was the second wife of Trey Parker. Trey Parker’s first marriage was held in 2006, and his first wife’s name was Emma Sugiyama. Trey Parker divorced her first wife Emma Sugiyama in 2008. They remained 2 years in a relationship.

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