Wynton Harvey Biography

On 18 July 1997, Wynton Harvey was born. In 2022, Wynton Harvey is 25 years old. The birthplace of Wynton Harvey is the United States of America. Wynton Harvey is male by his gender. His real name is Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey and his nickname is Wynton. Wynton Harvey is Christian by his religion. He is well known and famous as a photographer.

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Wynton Harvey Education

Wynton Harvey completed his primary school education at a local high school. After that, he went to Savannah College of Arts and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a student now and studying still.

Wynton Harvey Career

Wynton Harvey started his career when he was 20 years old. He is well known as a photographer by his profession. Wynton Harvey is also a model in his career. He is also known as a fashion enthusiast. He also showed his performance as a guest house on the talk show.

Wynton Harvey Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Wynton Harvey’s age is 25 years old. We do not know about his weight but seeing his physical appearance it can be said that he has a slim body. His weight is fit according to his height. His exact body measurements are also not known. Wynton Harvey has an estimated height of 5 Feet and 9 Inches.

Wynton Harvey Height,weight

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Wynton Harvey Girlfriend, Family, and Relationship status

He has a girlfriend her name is Taylor Gordon. They came into a relationship on 24 July 2016 because on 24 July 2017 Wynton celebrate his first anniversary and shared photos and videos on social media.

The father name of Wynton Harvey is Steve Harvey and the mother’s name is Mary Lee Harvey. He has three siblings. Wynton Harvey has two twin sisters and one brother in his siblings and his twin sisters’ names are Brandi and Karli. The brother’s name of Wynton Harvey is Broderick.

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Wynton Harvey’s Net Worth

Wynton Harvey’s Net Worth is almost $0.5-1 Million USD. His source of income is his career because he is a very famous photographer. He is also available on social media and earns from there.

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Wynton Harvey Social Media

He is active on social media and has social media accounts. Wynton Harvey is available on Instagram with around 85k followers and often posts photos and videos on social media accounts. He often shares pictures and videos of his girlfriend on social media. He has no account on Snapchat.

Wynton Harvey Timeline

In 1996, his father Steve Harvey, and his mother Mary Lee Harvey got married. His mother Mary Lee was the second wife of Steve Harvey. In 2005, his parents got divorced due to some issues. They remained in a relationship for 9 years. Wynton Harvey is not married yet but has a girlfriend named, Taylor Gordon.

Taylor Gordon is the daughter of a famous personality. The mother name of Taylor Gordon is Ed Gordon and her mother is well known as a BET, tonight Journalist. Photography is the hobby of Wynton Harvey. He is showing his performance as a photographer, fashion enthusiast, model, and guest house on the talk show. Traveling, taking pictures, and fashions are the hobbies of Wynton Harvey.

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