Nadine Caridi Biography

Nadine Caridi was born on 24 December 1967. Her birthplace is London, United Kingdom. She holds British Nationality. Nadine Caridi belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. Nadine is following the Christian religion. People called her with the nickname Nadine. Nadine is best known as the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. He is a former stockbroker.

Jordan Belfort had starred in various movies including Catching the Wolf of Wall Street and Way of the Wolf ( Straight line selling ). Nadine Caridi was a former model and actress but currently, she is a family therapist and marriage counselor. The professional name of Nadine is Dr. Nadine Macaluso.

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Nadine Caridi Education

Nadine Caridi is an educated woman. She did her schooling at John Dewey High School. Later, Nadine attended the special institute named Pacific Graduate institute to get her higher degree of education. Nadine Caridi is a well-mannered person. After that, she did her master’s in Clinical Psychology as well as P.H.D. And in 2015, Nadine Caridi got her degree of Ph.D.

Nadine Caridi Career

In the beginning, Nadine Caridi had a passion to do acting and modeling. She performed the career of a Marriage counselor and family therapist. Nadine Caridi is the professional therapist of her family. That’s why Nadine Caridi is a famous personality in her family because she cures every person very perfectly.

Nadine Caridi is getting huge fame from her career as a marriage counselor as well as a therapist. And according to her horoscope star, Nadine has excellent managing skills, Annan, and an organized personality. She represents a self controllable person.

Nadine Caridi Age, body measurements, Height, Weight

According to 2021, Nadine Caridi is 54 years old woman. She has the tar of Capricorn according to the Astrological sign. Nadine has a perfect height of about 5 feet and 8 inches which is equal to 1.78m and 178cm. Also, she has a perfect weight of about 60kgs and in pounds, it is equal to 133lbs.

Her other body measurements are 32-30-37 inches. She has a pair of gray eyes. Her hair color is blonde. Nadine Caridi has both height and weight perfect what one should have.

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 Nadine Caridi Family, boyfriend, and relationship status

It seems like Nadine Caridi is the only daughter of her parents. Moreover, she also didn’t share any information about her parents. But Nadine Caridi is a married woman. She is the ex-wife of a famous personality Jordan Belfort. He is also a well-known actor in the entertainment industry.

As Nadine Caridi had dated with many boys. But Jordan attracted her the most once at a party. Although, Jordan was the husband of Denise Lombardo Jordan divorced her and married Nadine Caridi. Both husband-wife were blessed with two youngsters named Carter Belfort (Son), and Chandler Belfort(Daughter). After that Nadine Caridi started a relationship with John Macaluso. Both decided to get married.

And currently, they are living their happiest life but they didn’t disclose their date of marriage. Nadine Caridi didn’t have any youngster from John Macaluso. However, John is already the father of three children from another woman. The couple also shared their photos on different social sites.

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Nadine Caridi Net worth

In the united kingdom, a person who is a therapist, earning a handsome salary. According to different websites, it is estimated that the net worth of Nadine Caridi is about $5 million. The main source of income is a family therapist and marriage counselor.

Moreover, she had made the YouTube channel to make people happy and to resolve their issues. She is earning a huge amount as well as respect from her channel. While Nadine’s ex-husband ‘Jordan’s net worth is about $100 million.

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Nadine Caridi Social media

Nadine Caridi is available on different social sites including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Nadine is active on Instagram with 26.2k followers and also she is following 7247. Nadine had shared 2091 posts. These posts include Nadine’s photos, motivational quotes, authenticity, and myths. She is active with the username of Dr. Nae, LMFT. She mentioned that Nadine is a Somatic Therapist. She also shared a link through which people can get free resources.

Nadine is active on Twitter with username @Dr.Nadine Macaluso, LMFT having 973 followers. She is also following 271 people. Here too Nadine had tweeted the same motivational quotes on the Instagram page. Furthermore, On YouTube Nadine got 542k subscribers with the different username @Dr.Nae’s Talking Bar. She had shared 26 videos. On Facebook, she got 1.2k followers. She mentioned that Nadine is the Expert in Trauma, shame, and relationships. While on the LinkedIn page, she is connected with 500 + people.

Nadine Caridi Timeline

The reason behind Nadine’s divorce from Jordan is that he is alcohol and drug addiction. Jordan was in a relationship with different women during his married life with Nadine. Due to this Nadine decided to get a divorce and in 2005 their married life came to end. On various social media platforms, Nadine highlighted that she is the ex-wife of the wolf of Wall Street. Due to this act of Jordan, he was sentenced to a Jail of about 4 years. But Jordan Belfort follows it only for 1 year and 10 months. After that, he was released from Jail and again got addicted to alcohol and drugs and other such activities that Jordan was doing before his Jail time.

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