Terry Flenory Biography

Terry Flenory was born on 10th January 1972. His birthplace is Detroit, Michigan, United States. Terry holds American nationality. He belongs to a black mafia family. His birth name is Terry Lee Flenory and Terry P.O Lee Flenory. But he is also best known as Southwest T. Terry is a famous personality in America being an entrepreneur, Investor, businessman, and drug dealer. Terry is best known as the younger brother of a famous personality named Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech.

Let me tell you why Demetrius is famous, he is an illegal person who does activities like money laundering and drug trafficking. Moreover, Demetrius Flenory aka big is the founder of an organization of money Laundry named BMF (Black Mafia Family). While his brother, Terry Flenory is the Co_founder of that organization. Between 1990 and 2005, both Terry and his brother Demetrius Flenory did illegal activities a lot. They were also arrested in the year of 2008. Terry Flenory came into the limelight after performing a role in a documentary TV series called black mafia family. This series was launched on the 26th of September 2021.

According to different websites, Terry Flenory and his brother Demetrius Flenory earned huge popularity and money from their business of money Laundering organization. He was released in May 2020 from prison by different websites and then he started a business ship in the United States.

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Terry Flenory Education

Terry Flenory did his Schooling at a local high school situated in his hometown place. Later, to get higher education Terry enrolled himself in the prestigious University of the united states. It is not confirmed whether Terry is graduated or not. Although Terry is doing business so it might be possible that he did graduate in business Administration.

Terry Flenory Career

Terry Flenory started his career through illegal activities. He started a company of money laundering (Black Mafia Family) with his crime partner and brother named Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech. Demetrius is the founder and Terry is the co-founder of the company. From this company, Terry did many illegal businesses such as drug trafficking with his brother. He sold cocaine in kilograms.

In this series, a famous personality, Da’Vinchi, played the role of Terry Flenory. While the nephew of Terry Flenory and the son of Demetrius Flenory aka big Meech named Demetrius Flenory Jr. (Lil Meech) played the character of his father.

Terry Flenory Age, Body Measurements, Height

According to 2022, Terry Flenory’s age is 49 years. As per astrologers the zodiac sign of Terry Flenory is Capricorn. Terry is the beauty of the black mafia family. Terry Flenory has a perfect height of about 5 feet and 8 inches which is equal to 1.72m and 172cm. His weight is according to his height which is near about 80kgs equal to 176.37lbs. Terry has a pair of black mesmerizing eyes. His hair is short and black.

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Terry Flenory Family, Girlfriend, and other Relationship Status

Terry Lee Flenory belongs to African descent family. The name of his father and mother are Charles Flenory and Lucille Flenory respectively. Terry Flenory has two siblings namely Nicole Flenory (sister) and Demetrius Flenory aka big Meech (brother). Demetrius is the crime partner of Terry Flenory.

Terry loves to spend most of this time with his family. He also shares many photos of his family on social media platforms. Also, he is the uncle of a famous personality named Demetrius Flenory Jr. Demetrius Flenory Jr. Is the nephew of Terry Flenory and rapper and musical artist by profession.

Demetrius’ nickname is Lil Meech. While talking about his relationship status Terry Flenory is a married person. He is married to a famous personality of social media named Tonesa Welch. According to different websites, Tonesa Welch is a brand influencer and an executive producer of Notorious Queens. Terry shared many photos with his wife on Instagram. Terry also collaborated with many brands. Moreover, talking about his youngsters, Terry didn’t mention any kids on social sites. Although, he loves kids and Terry also shared a photo of his siblings, nephews, niece but not his child. This was launched on 26 September 2021.

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Terry Flenory Net Worth

According to different websites and sources, it is estimated that the net worth of Terry Flenory is near about $40_$50 Million. Terry earned handsome money through his career of money laundering and other illegal activities. He is the owner of a luxurious house. Terry Flenory has collaborated with many famous companies. He is also an entrepreneur and launched the brand named southwest black magic.

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Terry Flenory Social Media

Being a famous personality Terry Flenory is available on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. On Instagram, Terry gained 312k followers. He is also following 1444 people. Until now, Terry had shared up to 229 posts. These posts include his photos with friends, colleagues, family, and siblings. Few of his posts are motivational quotes. Terry Flenory shared many photos of his nephews and nieces.

Terry Flenory Timeline

According to various websites, Terry Flenory and his brother, Demetrius Flenory aka, were charged with 30 years in prison due to their illegal activities and business of drug trafficking. They were arrested in September 2008. But according to the news of Detroit, Terry Flenory was released on 5th May 2020.
Moreover, Demetrius Flenory started a black mafia family entertainment of music record label. But due to some conflicts between Terry and Demetrius, they got separated in 2001 and Terry moved to Los Angeles with the beginning of a new association. After release from prison, Terry decided to start his brand (southwest black magic). He also collaborated with many brands on social sites. Many famous producers and musical artists produce TV shows including Anthony Wilson, Terri Kopp, Curtis was Jackson, and Randy Huggins, and affiliated with television Inc, production companies (G_unit films), and Lionsgate television.
Because he attempts to spread COVID-19 in the whole prison system. Terry’s fans called him Southwest T. Terry Flenory had collaborated with many rappers and musical artists. Walk by faith, not by sight are his favorite tagline. On 7th May 2020, Terry Flenory uploaded his first post on Instagram. He loves to do smoking, especially cigars. Terry Flenory is the owner of many brands.

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