Stephen Ringer’s birthplace is Dallas, Texas. He was born on 2nd December 1894. Stephen Ringer is like a hushed man with pensive bearings. Stephen has frizzy hair with a short beard. He is the husband of a famous songster and performer Alyson Renae “Aly” Michalka. Stephen Ringer doing the trade of cinematography. Stephen is a member of famous cinematography. Before going into the film industry Ringer live in his born place ( Dallas, Texas ) for a long period. The nationality of Stephen is American.

He also remains a director, producer, and writer. The main reason behind Stephen’s popularity is the cinematography and he is the most trending celebrity. Ringer has ranked one of the famous wiki people. Stephen is also listed as a precious celebrity just because of his way of directing, writing, and acting. Nothing much available about Stephen’s personal life, his early life, his family because Stephen keeps his daily routine hidden.

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There is no information available regarding Stephen’s early life education before he trades film industry.


Stephen Ringer start his journey in the film industry or his cinematography trading in 2009 with a short clip that was “El Americano” in which he worked as a camera grip. This was Stephen’s first step towards cinematography. After that Ringer worked as a gaffer in different films such as one million strong and short pages of 400 and 39 in 2009. Stephen also did work in two different departments which include two types of films: short films ( Little Richard ) and documentary short films ( No-Kill ) as mature and adult cinematography. He not only worked in film cinematography but also act as a camera operator. Stephen ended his 2009 year with a drama, a mysterious film, and a short film ( On your pretty dress ).


Stephen Ringer is a 36 years old American man with a height of 5 feet 8 inches, in centimeters 173cm, in meters 1.73m, and with the weight of about 70kg, in pounds, it would be 154.32 lbs. He was born in Dallas Texas on 2 December 1984 in the united state. Stephen owns the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and according to his zodiac sign, Stephen Ringer is egoistic. Ringer has frizzy brown hair with brown eyes.

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Stephen Ringer met his wife (Michalka) for the first time during their film sequoia. As Michalka is also an actress they both started their film industry journey together and become close. They also start dating when they wrapped up their movies. As time passed by, they both decided to marry each other, and finally, in June 2015, Stephen got married to Michalka in Portofino Italy. Michalka’s maid of honor was her sister. After that, they continue together in the film industry and Stephen often shares her wife’s photos on his social accounts. But they don’t have any children yet.

There is no information regarding Stephen’s family. We can also estimate through Aly Michalka Instagram account that there were strong relationships between both of them. They worked together and that’s why they become close to each other and decided to spend their whole life together. They both are famous for different interesting movies. They also don’t mention any youngsters of them on their social media accounts.

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Stephen Ringer not only did trade of cinematography but also want to spend his best time in other film industries, in-camera grip and also as a gaffer. He did work on two different short films i.e, The Arguments and Snakes in 2011. In 2012 he again did in another two different films was The Return and The Summer ago. One of his memorable works was Sequoia in 2014 in which Stephen’s worked not on a short film but a long-length film. After that, He worked on The Films of Avi Krum. Stephen Ringer net worth is estimated to be between $100k – $1M approximately in 2019.

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Stephen is not available on any type of social media accounts. And nothing much knew about Stephen’s family background and other links. We will update you soon. Also, we find Stephen’s wife Aly Michalka Instagram page where Aly shared her husband photo’s. You can get a little bit of information about Stephen’s through Aly’s Instagram page.
In her Instagram account Aly upload pictures of Stephens and tag Stephen’s in different posts.
But in this account, there is also no clear information regarding Stephen’s.


Stephen Ringer is the cinematography trader, a camera gripman, and a gaffer. When Stephen start to do work from short films to long multiple films, he became a director man. And as a director, Stephen directed multiple films including Two Summer Ago, On your pretty dress, etc, and a long length of film that was Weepah way for Now.

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