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Simon Luckinbill Biography

Simon Luckinbill was born on December 10, 1980. His birthplace is Los Angeles, California.
Simon Luckinbill is an American celebrity and well-known artist. Simon is also of those, whose parents are the most famous actors of all. He belongs to such a lucky family. Simon Luckinbills mother Lucie Arnaz is a famous actress in America. She won many awards including the Emmy award in 1993, featuring a documentary regarding her parents. Simon Luckinbill did their profession in musical theatre for a long period. Simon Luckinbill also featured in many films including The Jazz singer in 1980, in which she got a chance to work with Neil Diamond and Laurence Olivier ( best actress ).

Simon Luckinbill has very respect and passion for his parents. He is a very creative guy like his grandparents Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Jr. It is shocking for him that his family tree is acting like royalty. But unlike all of that, Simon Luckinbill focuses on art many times. He was born in Los Angeles but was raised in New York. Simon Luckinbill has a passion for expressing his life by color, texture, and paints. He started painting after music, poetry, nutrition, drums, etc. There are many sources through which Simon Luckinbill draws his inspiration such as vision quests, nature, and music. He uses acrylic paints on canvas. Many times, he paid all his attention to the art by ignoring himself. But he didnt post it all on any social sites. He rarely uploaded his paintings.

Birthday10 December, 1980
BirtholaceLos Angeles, California
Age 39
Occupation Artist
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

Simon Luckinbill Education

Simon Luckinbill did his schooling from high school with good grades. After that, Simon Luckinbill went to United State University, where he achieved his Bachelors degree. So, Simon Luckinbill is a graduate person. Later, Simon Luckinbill devoted his life as an artist. He was the most famous artist in his school and college life.

Simon Luckinbill Career

While talking about Simon Luckinbills career, he has been a well-known artist in America. As his parents and grandparents decided to go into the film industry. But at the same time, he has a passion for being an artist. Although, the talent for art is not present in other siblings and cousins. While all other his siblings are in different industries like his sister
Katherine and her brother Nicholas are actresses and actors respectively. While his brother Ben is a film producer.

Simon Luckinbill Age, Height, Weight, Eye, and Hair color

According to 2020, Simon Luckinbill is 39 years old man. Simon Luckinbill belongs to those zodiac signs who keep respect for others and the most affectionate persons i.e; Sagittarius. Simon Luckinbill is 5 feet 8 inches taller. And in centimeters, it is about 172.72cm. His weight is about 68kgs. He has a strong and handsome person. His personality and health match his height and weight. Simon Luckinbills eye color is brown with black eye color.

Height 5`8
Weight 172.2cm
Eye Color brown
Hair color black

Simon Luckinbill’s Family, Girlfriend, and Relationship status

Simon Luckinbill belongs to a rich family. Because they all are actresses from his parents to his grandparents. His mother Lucie Arnaz is the most famous of all. He takes it from his legacy. The mother of Simon Luckinbill is Lucie Arnaz and his father is Laurence Luckinbill. Simon Luckinbill has three siblings with two step-siblings. Their names are : Joseph Luckinbill, Katherine Luckinbill, Nicholas Luckinbill and Ben Luckinbill. Simon Luckinbill is married but we are not familiar with his partner. He has no child yet.

ParentsLucie Arnaz, Laurence Luckinbill
Siblings 5
Wife N/A
Children N/A

Simon Luckinbill’s Net Worth

According to Simon Luckinbills career, it is estimated that his net worth is about $1-$5 Million approximately. However, his mothers worth is about $20 Millions thats why she is the most famous of all. Simon Luckinbill is earning a handsome salary. He is a very stable artist in his life.

Net Worth $1 - $5 Million

Simon Luckinbill Social Media

Simon Luckinbill didnt want to expose his life. He mostly keeps it secret. He also shares his paintings rarely in public. Until now, Simon Luckinbill is not available on any social media sites. Because he feels it as a passion to devote his all-time to art. Simon Luckinbill remains intact from his friends and other relatives. It is also still hidden from his children and wife. However, we can find knowledge regarding him from his own Wikipedia. Stay tuned, we will update you soon.

Simon Luckinbill Timeline

Simon Luckinbill, an American personality, is well known as a celebrity son. Both his parents and grandparents are actors, due to which Simons got the privilege of fame and popularity in his life from the time of birth. Being the son of a celebrity, Simon got everything in his life that he want. According to some people, it is said that children of celebrities and rich families spoil in their life but it is the opposite in the case of Simon Luckinbill. He didnt take this fame as pride. You can find his paintings on many sites. While talking about his father, Laurence Luckinbill, he is an American actor and playwright. His most famous role is the symbol The final frontier in star Trek V. And Simon Luckinbills mother is also an actress and singer.

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