Scarra Biography

Scarra was born on 25th November 1989. But it is not confirmed yet. Scarra was born somewhere in the united states. He holds American nationality. Scarra belongs to white ethnic background. He is following the Christian religion. Scarra’s real name is William Li better. While his streaming name is Scarra.
Scarra is a famous personality in North America being a YouTuber, Social Media star, Twitch star, and gamer.

Scarra is popular due to his game streaming. He is one of the top Instagrammer. On Instagram, Scarra mostly shared content related to Gameplays, fashionable outfits, explored locations, and modeling photos. His talents and creativity have attracted the attention of different brands globally. Scarra keeps a cute smile, style, and fantastic personality.

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Scarra Education

Scarra did his schooling at a local high school situated in his hometown place. From childhood, Scarra gained good marks with a brilliant performance. Later, to get higher education, Scarra enrolled in the Public US State University. From this university, Scarra got his degree of bachelor. But it is not confirmed yet which type of degree Scarra got.

Scarra Career

Scarra aka William Li Jimmy is a well-known Twitch star. Scarra loves to play online games, he is also the former league of Legends esports player. Not only this, Scarra knows how to write the content. Scarra is also the co-founder of offline TV. Scarra loves to spend his time with friends and not to go outside for 4_9 jobs. Thus, Scarra found a solution and start making content at home. Scarra loves to do online streaming with his fans.

Scarra Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

According to 2022, William Li’s age is 32 years. As by astrologers, his zodiac sign is Aries. Scarra has an attractive and charming personality. Scarra is very smart and cute. He has a perfect height of about 5 feet and 10 inches which is equal to 1.7m and 177cm. While her weight is according to her height i.e, 85kgs which is equal to 187lbs. Scarra has a pair of black, mesmerizing eyes. His hair is black and silky.


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Scarra Girlfriend, Family, and other Relationship Status

There is no information regarding his parents and siblings. But once in a post, Scarra shared a photo with his mother, whose name is not known. While talking about his relationship status, Scarra is still single according to his social timelines. But it might be possible that Scarra is in a relationship and he didn’t want to disclose it.

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Scarra Net Worth

According to different websites and sources, it is estimated that the net worth of Scarra is between $1 Million – $5 Million approximately. This includes sponsorship, endorsement, money, and Income. Their main source of income is their online game streaming. Scarra is also getting paid by various brands and Social Media for his talented videos.

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Scarra Social Media

Scarra is available on different social sites including Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. On Instagram, Scarra got 373k followers. He is also following 99 people. Until now, Scarra had shared up to 377 posts. All are his thrilling photos. On Twitter, Scarra achieved 861k followers. He is also following 716 people. In October 2011 he joined Twitter. On YouTube, Scarra gained 763k subscribers with thousands of views. Until now, he shared 1.2k videos of different content. On Twitch, Scarra got 2 Million followers.

Scarra Timeline

On his Twitch account, Scarra mentioned ‘ I’m an ex league of legends pro-mid-layer turned streamer. Also fps prodigy. ‘ Scarra Prob every day around 2 pm pst. Scarra loves to eat nonvegetarian foods. On YouTube, Scarra shared so many videos of different contents including challenges like a drunk double date, in which 5 members participated. The five, other than Scarra, are a big part of his all videos.

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