Ryan Carson Curry Biography

Ryan Carson Curry is a celebrity star family member. She is a kid. Her mother and father have known the names of the television industry. Her father’s name is Stephen Curry and her mother’s name is Ayesha Curry. Both of them are very popular because of their work in acting and modeling. Ryan Carson Curry’s birth brought happiness to this couple. Ayesha Curry had difficulty in labor for more than three hours for her daughter’s natural birth. Her arrival in this beautiful world made her parents happier than before. She is born into a luxurious family.

Ryan Carson Curry opened her eyes first time in 2015. Her date of birth is 10 July 2015. She is just 6 years old. She was born in the United States. Her hometown is in Oakland, California. She follows her mother’s religion. Ryan is a Christian by religion. She holds American nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed.

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Ryan Carson Curry Zodiac Sign and Birthstone

Ryan Carson Curry came into this beautiful world on 10 July 2015. Her Zodiac Sign is Cancer. Her birthstone is a moonstone. She has a lucky number of 5 and her lucky color is silver. She is a small and cute celebrity star kid.

Ryan Carson Curry Education

Ryan Carson Curry is a kid. She is just 6 years old. She has not joined any of the Kindergarten or pre-schools to start her education and schooling. Her parents are very smart and talented. They had to think about their daughter’s future just after her birth. When she will grow up a little more, she will be admitted to her pre-school to start her education. As of now, she just enjoys playing and roaming here and there. Her favorite hobby is dancing.

Ryan Carson Curry’s parents are both highly qualified graduates. Ryan’s mother went to Weddington High School for her graduation. Then she attended Davidson College for her acting career. However, Ryan’s elder sister is currently studying in grade two as of now.

Ryan Carson Curry’s father went to Charlotte Christian School for his graduation. He also joined Davidson College for his acting career. From 2006 to 2009, he studied at this college.

Ryan Carson Curry Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Ryan Carson Curry is a kid. She is. famous because of her parents. Her birth to Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry’s home got highlighted in media spotlights.

Ryan Carson Curry

Ryan Carson Curry is in her growing age. Her body measurements are unknown on any of the websites on the internet. Her height and weight are also growing. There is a certain variability in her height and weight at times. Her height is increasing day by day and her weight is also. Her exact body measurements cannot be noticed. She has beautiful eyes. Her eye color is very unique. She has hazel brown eyes. Her hair color is also lovely. She has dark brown hair. She has a fair skin color. This can be seen in her pictures on her mother’s Instagram account.

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Ryan Carson Curry Family

Ryan Carson Curry is the second baby of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry. The full name of her father is Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II. The full name of her mother is Ayesha Disa Curry. Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry tied the knot together in the year 2011. They both got married on 30 July 2011. Both of them first met in a church youth group in Charlotte. They were teenagers at that time. They both started liking each other. After some time they started dating each other. As the time spent, they started thinking about their future together as a couple. As a result, they both got married in 2011.

Ryan Carson Curry has two more siblings. She has an elder sister and a younger brother. The name of her elder sister is Riley Elizabeth Curry. She came into this beautiful world on the date of July 19, 2012. Ryan’s brother’s name is Canon W. Jack Curry. This kid was born on July 4, 2018.

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Ryan Carson Curry Career

Ryan Carson Curry is too small to make her professional career. She is famous because of her parent’s career. We will talk about her parent’s careers in this paragraph.

Ryan Carson Curry’s father Stephen Curry is a popular American basketball player. He plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA in the point guard position. He is the most valuable and most appreciated member of the NBA team. Ryan’s father has won more than three NBA Championships with the warriors. He is an excellent shooter in NBA. He is a great Dad too.

Ryan Carson Curry’s mother Ayesha Curry is a famous Canadian American actress by profession. She is also a cookbook author by profession and she is a well-known cooking television personality as well. She gave her first acting debut at the age of 12 in her film Underground Street Flippers. People loved her acting skills and appreciated her very much. Then she moved to Los Angeles to become a famous actress. Ryan’s mother has her own self-made cooking show which is named Ayesha’s Homemade. She is a food blogger too. The name of her YouTube channel is Little Lights of Mine. The name of the book she wrote by herself is The Seasoned Life. She published this book in the year 2016 herself.

Ryan Carson Curry’s Net Worth

Ryan Carson Curry is a famous American celebrity star kid. The estimated net worth of this cute kid is $1 million to $5 million approximately. Ryan Carson Curry is still a kid, so this net worth belongs to her parents.

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