Princess Mae Biography

Princess Mae is a famous American sensation on social media at the age of 20. She celebrates her birthday on the 27 of May. Princess Mae was born in the year 2000. She lives in the Philippines, and later on, we get updated that she moved to Hawaii. She became famous when she first appeared in her elder brother’s Youtube video to complete a challenge. After she made an Instagram account from where she got a great response and much love from the audience by the help of which she got fame overnight. She worked hard and used different sources to reach where she is now, but she also wanted to join the field of acting but couldn’t. Now currently she boasts a huge number of followers on her social accounts. She has an account on every single social application.

She gave little information about her family that her mother is a housewife, called by her sweet name Mercedita and her father Edmund Laforge is sadly no more in the world, in siblings, she has an elder brother. As we all know that she is famous globally as the younger sister of a popular comedian YouTuber named Bretman Rock. As we searched about her education we see that she is always been a hard-working student as passed her High School afterward she later completed her further education. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Shopping and traveling are her favorite hobbies. In some results, we see she is married and was in a relationship with a guy named Chris and has two children from him later he cheated on Mae and they both broke up.

Princess Mae Career, Education

Princess Mae earlier was the same as a common girl who work hard in school days. She was a hard-working girl who passed high school with good marks. later on, she realize that she wanted to join the field of acting. Mae was a talented girl with a creative mind. She burns candles day and night to achieve her goal and uses all her resources but nothing happens, later on, a day came when she appears on her elder brother’s YouTube videos, where she came to perform a challenge, that she was been loved by all and after receiving much love and multiple likes by a huge number of audience she decided to make an Instagram account and in few months she starts crossing higher ranks in the field of influencers. She became famous a now she has a strong family of around 2.5 million active followers on Instagram.

Princess Mae

Princess Mae Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Princess Mae is a lady with many styles and adorable looks who are currently 20 years old. She carries good height and weight. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches (1.62m). She has the best body weight according to her height, her weight is 58 kilogram and 123.2lbs in pounds. Her body measurement is approx. 34-28-36. She is a very beautiful, pretty lady having attractive looks which attract people towards her. She has long, shiny even thicker hairs that shade black. Her eye color is also black but on other hand, she has an Asian skin tone.

Princess Mae Parents, Siblings, Husband, Boyfriend, Children

Princess Mae has 3 members in her family except her. She is the only daughter after her brother. Her mother’s name is Mercedita and her father’s name is Edmund Laforge. Her mother is a housewife. According to research, we came to know that sadly her father is no more. Her father was a worker in a company. In siblings, she has an elder brother called Bretman Rock by his profession we came to know that he is a professional Vlogger, Social media star who is also famous worldwide.

After the process of searching, we know that she dated a guy called Chris and they both get married, later on, they broke up because Chris cheated on Mae during Mae’s pregnancy with their second baby. Chris and Mae are the parents of two children the first one was a baby daughter and the second one was a baby boy. Her daughter’s name is Cleo and her son’s name is Ezekiel. Both of them are much cuter.

Princess Mae Net Worth:

Princess Mae is achieving many of her new followers day by day. She is active on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Princess made a huge amount of money, except this, she is working on many more things. Princess is making herself ready for acting as she made up her mind that if she would be offered an opportunity so she would grab it instead of looking for something else. She is also earning a great amount from modeling as well. After all this, we made a rough calculation that Princess Mae’s Net Worth is around $18 million.

Princess Mae’s Timeline

Mae is 20 year old a beautiful and adorable lady with attractive looks that attract people toward her.
Mae was born in the Philippines, later she moved to Hawaii.
She was a hard-working student in her school or in her educational level, much talented, and have a creative mind.
Princess Mae started her career as an influencer at Instagram, where she had yet crossed around 2.5 million followers. She is going great as an influencer and as a stylish, sexy model famous globally.
She is a mother of two kids. A daughter named Cleo and a son called Ezekiel.
Mae yet not disclosed that is Chris is the father of the kids, because in past Mae was in relation to Chris.
Mae’s hobbies are traveling and the second one is shopping.

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