Mimi Sommer Biography

Mimi Sommer was born on 16th February 1973. Her birthplace is Munich, Germany. So, it is obvious that Mimi holds American nationality. However, her ethnic background is white, while her mother is both from America and Africa. Mimi Sommer is following the Christian religion. Mimi Sommer is a well-known personality of American being the actress. The other reason behind her fame is that Mimi is the famous daughter of an American_African singer and songwriter (late).

They lived together for a short period. After that, due to their issues, they decided to file the paper of divorce. And unfortunately, they got separated. Later, Donna Sommer decided to get married to another person named Bruce Senado. Bruce is an Italian and American most talented singer. Donna was blessed with two daughters from Bruce Sunado. Mimi had a strong relationship with her stepsisters.

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Mimi Sommer Education

Not much information is available about her educational life. But Mimi Sommer is an educated woman as well as well-mannered personnel-mannered schooling from her town place. Mimi might be a graduated person. Although, she belongs to a musical household. So, soon after her education, Mimi started her career of singing. She paid most of the time to achieve her goals. Just like her mother Mimi is also a super talented actress.

Mimi Sommer Career

Mimi Sommer started her career at a very early stage of life. Right after seven years of her birth, Mimi made her first appearance in television series as a kid by showing wonderful acting performances. This series was ‘The Donna Sommer Special’ in 1980 played as a Sommer’s daughter. At the state of independence, Mimi sang ‘A hot summer night’.

She sang this song in a music video in 1983. In 2013, Mimi also made her performance in an induction ceremony ‘ The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ‘. In 2018, Mimi also made her presence in the famous television series ‘ The 72nd Annual Tony Award ‘.

Mimi Sommer Age, Body measurements, Height, Weight

According to 2022, Mimi Sommer is 49 years old woman. Her zodiac star is Aquarius. Mimi has a perfect height of about 5 feet and 6 inches which is equal to 1.67m and 167cm. However, her weight is moderate but the exact value is still under observation. Mimi has a pair of green eyes. Her hair color is blonde. She maintains her diet to make herself fit and slim.

Mimi Sommer

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Mimi Sommer Family, Boyfriend, and other Relationship Status

As we mentioned already, Mimi is the daughter of Donna Sommer and Helmut Sommer. While talking about her siblings, Mimi has two stepsisters. They were born when Donna married Bruce Sunado. Their name is Brooklyn Sudano and Amanda Sunado. Brooklyn was born on 5th January 1981, she is an actress.

While Amanda Senado was born on 11th August 1982, she is a singer. Mimi Sommer is the grandchildren of late Andrew Gaines and Mary Ellen Gaines. Mimi Sommer is the wife of Rick Dohler. She is very straight and loyal about her relationship status. Both married each other on 24th June 1994. They were blessed with two children. Both are daughters named Savanna Dohler and Vienna Dohler.

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Mimi Sommer Net Worth

Mimi Sommer’s fame started not because of her profession but due to her mother as a daughter of a famous singer and personality. Sommer and her family split the net worth of her mother Donna Sommer who was a famous singer. At the time of death, Donna has a net worth of about $75 Million.

And she was the owner of a lot of lands in Florida and Tennessee. Furthermore, it is estimated that the net worth of Mimi Sommer is between $500k _ $1 Million. The main source of income is her profession and career.

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Mimi Sommer Social media

Mimi is not much available on social media platforms. She keeps her accounts private to maintain her privacy. Mimi is just active on Instagram with the username @Mimidohler. She is not much popular on social sites. Mimi only had gained about 1454 followers. She is also following 147 people.

Mimi had shared about 73 posts. Many are her photos with her friends and family. She mentioned that Mimi is a jewels maker. Many of her posts are about inspirational quotes.

Mimi Sommer Timeline

On her Instagram page, Mimi mentioned that she is the mother of four awesome. But at Wikipedia, it is estimated that Mimi has two children. So, it is not confirmed yet the who is other two are. However, different websites mentioned only two daughters of her.

Mimi also made her presence in her mother’s music video and shows like “A hot sommer night” and “Donna Sommer special” respectively. Her mother is Donna Sommer. Donna is half African and half American woman. She is one of the famous international superstars of the mid-seventies. Donna Summer is the vocalist of pop, disco, rock, soul, funk, avant-garde, and R&B.

She had achieved the top highest rank in all European music charts. While Mimi’s father is Helmut Sommer. Both Donna and Helmut were in a strong relationship and they decided to get married. Later, they were blessed with a super talented child named Mimi sommer.

Mimi is celebrating her juggling life, according to her Instagram page. She is looking for heavenward. And she also mentioned the link of her business of jewelry. This brand of jewelry is with the name of Natalie Dohler Adornment. On this Website, many different designs and colors of beautiful jewelry are available at different costs.

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