Vallejos Felix Biography

Marisela Vallejos Felix was born on May 7, 1970. Her birthplace is Mexico. Marisela was raised in Mexicali. Mexicali is the city of Baja, California, Mexico. Marisela Vallejos holds Mexican nationality. She belongs to mixed ethnic background. Marisela is from a family, who is follows the Christian religion. Her nickname is Marisela. She is best known as the wife of Chalino Sánchez. During the time of her married life, Marisela got fame just because of her husband. Her husband ‘ Chalino Sánchez ‘ was a famous singer and songwriter.

He had worked in many places and attracted the attention of many, with his beautiful Voice. But unfortunately, now Chalino is not with us. He left this world but Chalino’s fans never forget him. Chalino died in his hometown place ‘ Mexico ‘ being shot on the head on May 16, 1992. It was a very sorrowful day for his fans, relatives, family, and parents. Marisela had to face two big days in her life. Marisela had spend a great time with Chalino.

Before the death of Chalino, Marisela and Chalino had spent 9 years together. Before getting married, both were in a relationship for a long period. Later, they decided to get married. The couple was blessed with two children. Unfortunately, one of their children died in 2004 because of a road accident. This increases her pain more. Her son was just 24 years old, at the time of his death. Vallejos Felix is famous as Chalino Sánchez’s wife.

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Marisela Vallejos Felix Education

Marisela Vallejos Felix did her Schooling at a local high school situated in her hometown place. Later, to get higher education Marisela Felix enrolled herself in the prestigious University of the united states. It is not confirmed whether Marisela is graduated or not. And if graduated, then which degree she got.  However, she is a well-mannered person.

Marisela Vallejos Felix Career

Marisela got fame due to her husband. Chalino Sánchez was a wealthy Mexican singer and songwriter. He also performed at Salon Bugambilias, Culiacán on 15 May 1992 after the incident. People had told him, after the performance he would die. But Chalino shows performance very well with a nervous face. After the performance, Chalino came out of the club with his friends, family, and relatives.

Chalino earned a handsome amount of salary from his career at the same time respect too. While talking about the career of Marisela Vallejos Felix, she was a businesswoman before her death. Marisela might be doing a business in brands or a company. But it is not confirmed yet.

Marisela Vallejos Felix Age, Body measurements, Height

At the time of his death, Marisela was 50 years old. As by astrologers, her Zodiac sign is Taurus. She was the beauty of México. Her Height was on average which was 5 feet and 5 inches equal to 1.65m and 165cm. While her weight was 50kgs equal to 110lbs. Her other body measurements were 37-28-42 inches. Marisela’s hair color was Blonde. He had beautiful dark brown eyes.

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Marisela Vallejos Felix Husband, Family, and other Relationship Status

Marisela is the daughter of Ramona Hernandez (mother) and Gabriel Sanchez (father). Vallejos was raised in a loving environment under her loving parents. It seems like Marisela is the Only child of her parents. She didn’t share any siblings on social sites. While talking about her relationship status, Marisela was married to Chalino Sánchez.

The couple married in 1984 in front of their relatives, family, and friends. They were in a relationship before their marriage. Soon, after one year of the marriage, the couple welcomed their first child. They had two children. One is Adan Sanchez (son) and another one is their daughter (Cynthia Sanchez). Their son died in 2004 due to a road accident. Before the death of Adan, Marisela had to face the death of her husband. Chalino Sánchez died in 1982. They were in 9 years of married life. After the death of her husband, Marisela spends her life with her children. She didn’t share a relationship with any person again.

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Marisela Vallejos Felix Net Worth

According to different websites and sources, it is estimated that the net worth of Marisela was near about $3.2 Million. This includes her Money, income, endorsement, collaboration, royalties of both her husband as well as son’s song. While talking about the net worth of Chalino Sánchez, it was around about $1.4 Million at the time of his death. Chalino collected a handsome amount of salary from his career. Chalino recorded his first 15 cassettes of songs, in the year 1989.

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Marisela Vallejos Felix Social Media

Marisela is not much active at social sites. She kept her privacy away from the limelight. She has an Instagram account which is private. Before her death, Marisela was running this account but it is not known who is the owner of this account now.

However, in this account, Marisela gained 515 followers. She was also following 1496 people’s including colleagues, husbands, children, friends, relatives, and different brands or companies. She had shared up to 537 posts. Probably it could be her photos with family and friends. Marisela mentioned on her Instagram page that she is the comms director of sunny side USD. There is no information regarding her other social platforms.

Marisela Vallejos Felix Timeline

Just after the death of her husband on 15 May 1992, Marisela had to face another loss. It was the death of her son. But Marisela’s exam of patience doesn’t end here. Marisela was a citizen of the united states in 2018. And to live in the united states, Marisela had asked about taxes for her verification in the country. Because she was entering and leaving the country again and again because of her mother’s health.

Unfortunately, on 11th March 2020 at exactly 5:08 p.m. Marisela left this world. It was because of a car accident. The tire of the car in which Marisela was riding, had blown and the driver lost car control. Later, people took her to the center of heartland Regional medical situated in Marion. But after reaching the hospital, Marisela took her last breath and left this world. It was very sad news for her fans, family, and friends, especially her daughter.


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