Kris Brkljač Biography

In Sydney, Australia, Kris Brkljač was born. On 7 October 1961, Kris Brkljač was born. He is almost 60 years old. Kris has an American-Australian nationality. He has two brothers, and the name of his brothers are Dragoljub and Milan. Kris is male by his gender. His real name is Kris Brkljač, and his nickname is Kris. Kris has a mixed ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Aries. Kris Brkljac is Christian by his religion.

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Kris Brkljač Education

We do not know about the education of Brkljač because he has not revealed any information. He was a businessman. We can estimate that he was graduated, but the names of school institutes and graduation institutes are not available.

Kris Brkljač Career

Kris Brkljac is well known as a businessman. He is a successful businessman and mainly earns from this career. His wife is an actress and a producer by her profession.

Kris Brkljač Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Kris Brkljac’s age is almost 60 years. Brkljač has dark brown hair, and her eyes color is black. Kris Brkljač has 5 Feet and 8 Inches in height. The height measurement in meters is 1.79 m and in centimeters is 179 cm. His weight is 57 kg, and the size of weight in pounds is 127 lbs. His weight is suitable according to his height.

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Kris Brkljač Wife, Family and Relationship status

Kris Brkljač married on 25 April 2015, and his wife’s name is Stana Katic. They do not have any kids yet. Kris Brkljač was born in Sydney, Australia, and his parents are from there, but later on, they migrated to America.

Kris Brkljač wife age wiki height

Kris Brkljac has two brothers in his siblings, and the name of his brothers are Dragoljub and Milan. His parents’ names and occupations are unknown because he has not revealed any information about this.

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Kris Brkljač Net Worth

The net worth of Kris Brkljač is almost $2 million. Kris Brkljac earns from his business. His wife, Stana Katic, has nearly $12 million. The annual income of Kris Brkljac is $69,388.

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Kris Brkljač Social Media

Kris Brkljač is not active on social media. We have not found any of his accounts on social media. After his marriage to an American actress and producer, he became more famous, but his social media history was unavailable.

Kris Brkljač Timeline

Kris Brkljač got married to Stana Katic. Stana Katic is a famous is an actress. She is well known as an American actress and a producer. Kris Brkljač is renowned due to his wife’s popularity, Stana Katic. On 26 April 1978, Stana Katic was born, and now she is 44 years old as in 2022. The birthplace of Stana Katic is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The couple also worked in a movie in 2017. The movie’s name was Lost in Florence, in which both Kris Brkljač and Stana Katic appeared.

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