Kouvr Annon Biography

Kouvr Annon was born on May 31, 2000. Her birthplace is Oahu, Hawaii. Kouvr Annon ar 21 years old. Her birth sign is Gemini. She started sharing her modeling-based photos in July 2018. In December 2018 she shared her first photo with Alex Warren. Her lucky number is 2.

Kouvr Annon has four sisters. Kouvr Annon’s birth country is the United States. She is more famous as an Instagram star. She is an American model and a famous Instagram and social media star. Kouvr Annon mostly shares her modeling photos, travel photos, and latest fashion trends on her Instagram page. She mostly makes funny videos and she loves to provide content and merchandise that her fans love most. She also provides promotional content to her fans. Kouvr Annon has a Christianity religion.

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Kouvr Annon Education

In Oahu, United states Kouvr Annon completed her schooling. Kouvr Annon has American nationality. After schooling, she starts studying at the local Private University Oahu, Hawaii. She is also doing her graduation from that university.

Kouvr Annon Career

Kouvr Annon’s well-known career is as a model. She has a TikTok account, Instagram account, Twitter, Youtube channel, and she achieved popularity from social media. She also has a website and she used it to sell her merchandise. Sweatshirts, crop tops, hats, and sweatpants are the items that she sells on her website. On January 28, 2019, she starts her youtube channel. She is not interested in being surrounded by rumors and controversy. She is taking interest in her career.

Kouvr Annon Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Kouvr Annon has an amazing look on social media she has 5 feet and 4 inches high. She looks more beautiful due to brown hair and grey eyes. No, a tattoo has been shown on her body at this time.

Kouvr Annon family

She has 57 kg weight which is suitable according to her height. Kouvr Annon is 21 years old her date of birth is May 31, 2000. Kouvr Annon is 1.63 m tall in lenght. Annon focuses on health and fitness and working out at the gym. She also does yoga sometimes with her boyfriend.

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Kouvr Annon Boyfriend, Family, and Relationship status

In December 2018 Kouvr Annon’s relationship status was known when she shared her boyfriend’s photos. Her boyfriend’s name is Alexa Warren. We know that Alexa Warren is her current boyfriend who does not know about her earlier relationship. Kouvr Annon has four sisters.

We do not know her sister’s name we only know that she is one of her sisters. She has not shared any information about her parents or her early upbringing. We don’t know about her early relationship Alexa Warren is her current boyfriend. Kouvr Annon is unmarried and she is living in the USA at this time. Kouvr Annon lives with her family. She does not like to share her personal life. We have only a little information about her personal life.

Kouvr Annon bf

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Kouvr Annon Net worth

Kouvr Annon has a net worth of 600K.In 2021 Kouvr Annon’s net worth income is $500 thousand. Her main source of income is from Instagram and she earns $1600-$25700.she also earns from her youtube channel and she has 146 thousand subscribers on her youtube channel. Kouvr Annon’s net worth income from social media accounts is $3 million.

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Kouvr Annon social Media

In July 2018 Kouvr Annon started her career by sharing modeling photos. In starting she shared her photos in bikinis. People liked her photos. She became more famous when she shared her boyfriend, Alexa Warren photos on her Instagram account. She shared her traveling photos in Vegas, Maui, California, and Kauai. Kouvr Annon started her youtube channel in 2019 and named that channel Kouvr. She posts her first video by giving her name ‘Transforming Boyfriend into a drag Queen.

Kouvr Annon is also famous as a tik toker and has almost 3 million followers which are increasing day by day. Hype House has 10 million followers and Kouvr Annon is also a member. In March 2019 she also started her career on Twitter and she achieved 24000 followers in a short time duration. Her mostly videos of lip-syncing and dances. Kouvr Annon is also known as a popular fitness guru.

People like her fashion trend. She also shares her trip images. She uses Twitter for marketing her merchandise. On her Instagram account 174 million likes and millions of followers. On the youtube channel, she posts only 9 videos. Annon has 8.1 million TikTok followers.

Kouvr Annon Timeline

Kouvr Annon likes dancing, singing, traveling, photography, and making videos on social media. She achieved her fame from social media and her net worth income main source is from social media sites. Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae are her close friends. At this time we do not know about any award from which she is awarded but we expect in future she will receive some rewards due to her fame and achievements. Hangout by the pool or the beach is one of her hobbies.

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