Annaliza Seagal Biography

Annaliza Seagal is a celebrity star family member. She is famous because of her celebrity parents. She is a kind of well-known American personality. Annaliza Seagal’s father’s name is Steven Seagal. She got rose to fame for being the daughter of this renowned producer, actor, and musician by profession. Similarly, her mother is also famous. Her name is Kelly LeBrock. She is a well-known American model and actress by profession. Annaliza Seagal got fame by her birth in this celebrity couple. She got highlighted just after her birth on social media platforms and on magazines and newspapers.

Annaliza Seagal came into this beautiful world in 1987. She blows the candles of her cake on the day of 20 June. She was born in the United States. Her hometown is California. She is 34 years old as of now (2021). She holds American nationality. She follows her parent’s religion. She is a Christian by religion. Annaliza Seagal’s ethnicity is White.

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Annaliza Seagal Father

Steven Seagal is the father of this beautiful girl. He was born on the day of April 10, 1952, in Lansing, Michigan. He is a well-known American personality. He is famous as an actor, producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and musician. He holds many nationalities of different countries including American, Serbian, and Russian. Steven Seagal has played many roles in his movies. He was a television star at his time.

People loved his acting skills which build his career day by day. He is also loved by the nation now. His audience remembers his different roles in different movies. He also worked in different TV series and gained many awards for his work. Steven Seagal begins his adult life as a martial arts trainer in the country of Japan and he became the first foreigner to utilize an Aikido Dojo in Japan. He then went to the city of Los Angeles, California, where he pursued the same job as a martial arts trainer.

Annaliza Seagal Relationship Status

Annaliza Seagal is single. She is currently not dating anyone. She is not married to anyone. She has a private life. She keeps her life private. She has not shared any information regarding her relationship with anyone on any of her social media platforms. She does not make any public appearances and she often stays out of the media spotlight. That is why there is no such information when it comes to Annaliza Seagal’s personal or professional life. She rarely comes on media highlights and is famous because of her celebrity parents.

Annaliza Seagal Siblings

Annaliza Seagal has two biological siblings. One is a brother and one is a sister. They are named Dominic Seagal (brother) and Arissa LeBrock (sister). Annaliza Seagal has more half-siblings too. She has 4 step-siblings which include 2 brothers named Kentaro Seagal and Kunzang Seagal and 2 sisters which are named Savannah Seagal, and Ayako Fujitani. They all live happily together. They all love each other. They love to spend time with their family.

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Annaliza Seagal Personal Life

Annaliza Seagal’s father’s married life at the start was a very handful and he was engaged with many of women just after their separation and divorce. Annaliza Seagal’s father has a total of 7 children from his all wives as well as from his current relationship wife. Annaliza Seagal has less presence on her social media platforms and her popularity in the public and media spotlights than the other kids of Steven Seagal. Annaliza Seagal has preferred a private lifestyle and she always likes to stay far away from the limelight of the media and magazines. She has not done anything noticeable to tell in her personal life. She keeps her life private. She has not shared any details regarding her personal or professional life on any of the websites on the internet too.

Annaliza Seagal Mother

Kelly LeBrock is the mother of Annaliza Seagal. She became famous for her role in the Pantene shampoo advertisement spokeswoman whose popular dialogue, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”, becomes a pop-culture catchphrase. She also played roles in the movies then including The Woman in Red in the year 1984 and Weird Science in the year 1985. Kelly LeBrock was considered the s@xiest woman in the whole Hollywood television and film industry in the era of the 1980s. In the movie, Hard to Kill, in the year 1990, she appeared with her husband Steven Seagal. She worked in Betrayal of the Dove in the year 1993, in the year 1995, and Hard Bounty in the year 1995.

Wrongfully Accused in 1998, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in 2002, Zerophilia in 2005, and Gamers: The Movie in 2006 was also by Kelly LeBrock. She worked in a thriller movie named Hidden Affairs in the year of 2013, and in 2015. Kelly LeBrock also worked in many more movies and Tv shows which brought fame to her career.

Annaliza Seagal’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this beautiful celebrity star family member Annaliza Seagal is $100,000 approximately. According to sources, she has kept this amount of money in her personal bank account.

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