Amber Burch Biography

Amber Burch was born on 2 January 1990. Her birthplace is Rock Hill, North Carolina, United States. Amber is currently living in Clemmons, Forsyth County, North Carolina. So, it is evident that Amber belongs to American nationality. Amber holds white ethnic background. When Amber was 24 years old, she was arrested as a murderer.

But later, it was proof that it was just 1st-degree murder. Her neighbors feel that Amberchangede herself after she starts dating John Lawson. They both were crime partners for each other. John changed his name to Pazuzu Algarad. It is said that Pazuzu keeps the perso5 of demons. He is the biggest creator of all drought and storms. Also, he was Satanist. Neighbors confirm that Pazuzu is dr*g-addicted.

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Amber Burch Education

Amber Burch did her Schooling at Rock Hill school of California, situated in her hometown place. Burch remains the best student in her school life. She played as a member of an orchestra whose role was to play Bass. Also, her family is very good at horse riding.

Amber Burch Career

Amber is the instructor at Central Elementary school; being a part of the crooked oak system, Amber teaches the students of technology, science, maths, and engineering. She didn’t share any other career and profession.

Amber Burch Age, Height & Weight

Amber Burch is 31 years old. According to 2022. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Amber Burch has moderate height and weight, about which exact value is didn’t reveal yet. However, her hair color is brown. She has a pair of brown eyes.

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Amber Burch’s Family, boyfriend, and Relationship status

Amber Burch did not share information about her parents. It was to come to know that her family is best at horse riding. They have many horses. However, she is the partner of a famous criminal and murderer, Pazuzu Algarad. Amber was a typical lady until she began dating Pazuzu and was living with the Pazuzu family. Pazuzu was in an illegal relationship and marriage to Amber, Dixie Amber Burch. They are not officially married and didn’t share any children.

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Amber Burch’s Net worth

Amber is currently in Prison. She is doing nothing. We are unsure about her career, so we cannot estimate her net worth. However, being a teacher, Amber might earn a considerable salary, but it is confirmed yet. If we get to know any information, then we will update you.

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Amber Burch Social media

Amber Burch is available on many social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Burch mentioned on LinkedIn that she is not looking for an excellent job but a career. She also said Enterprise, Alabama, united states, on her social sites.

Amber Burch Timeline

Amber Burch came into the spotlight as the partner of a drug-addicted Satanist, Pazuzu Algarad. Burch is in prison due to killing Tommy Dean Welch with 22 caliber Rifle. She also Robbed him in October 2009. After three months, her boyfriend killed Joshua Fredrick Wetzler with the same rifle from which Amber killed Tommy.

In 2014, the police found the dead body at the 2749 knob hill Drive house at Clemmons. The dead body was buried in the Backyard. But after a few days, it was found that Pazuzu was numb at 3 am without getting any disease. Amber was sentenced to ( 30years, eight months __ 39years, and two months ) in prison by Judge Beecher R. Gray. Before Amber met Pazuzu, her life was beautiful.

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