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Jojo Smollett Biography

Jojo Smollett was born on 28th August 1977. His birthplace is California, United States. Jojo is a well-known actor in America. JoJo’s most famous role is ‘on our own’ as Jemi jerrico on the ABC sitcom. In one show, From the year from 1994 to 1995, Jojo Smollett performed along with his all younger siblings namely: Jussie, Jurnee, Jake, Jazz, Jacqui. It was JoJo’s lifetime best show and he performed the role of Jimmi Jerico. He also performed in many dramas including the comedy-drama Series Roseanne and Desmond as a role of Chuck Jr, in the crime drama film ‘city of Hope’. Another television series is Moesha in the year 1997 and ‘The practice’ in 1997.

And after soo long, Jojo Smollett again got a chance to appear in the TV series on the ‘Food Network family cooking show’ that was ‘Smolletts Eat’ along with his siblings in 2016. But after that, JoJo decided to skip TV series and films. JoJo also gives company to his Musician brother ‘Jussieu in his show. In February 2019, he performed for the first time beside Jussie in West Hollywood at the Troubadour club. Where he follows the alleged hate attack. Jojo Smollett started his career at the age of 14 years in May 1991.

He appeared in the television series sitcom Roseanne at a very young age. JoJo also takes part in the famous series ‘ scenes from Barbecue’. Also in the same year, JoJo featured in both short ( last breeze of summer ) and film debut in the crime drama ( City of Hope ). JoJo also serves his precious time in many shows as an executive producer.

BirthdayAugust 28,1977
BirthplaceCalifornia, USA
Zodiac signVirgo

Jojo Smollet Education

We are not familiar with JoJo’s high schooling and graduation He doesn’t even share such information about him on any social sites. JoJo still keeps it private from the public. But stay tuned with us, efforts are made to know about Jojo Smollett’s education. We, Will, update you soon.

Jojo Smollet Career

Jojo Smollett got a chance in her life to be an actor, film producer. Also, JoJo spends his most of time on television series and comedy dramas. Jojo not only did work alone, but he also perform many shows along with his siblings. ‘Smolletts Eat’ was the most famous of all. From his career, JoJo achieves many fans following. Also, he becomes the most popular and well-known person in America. Jojo was one of those who are Millionaires in the film industry. Jojo Smollett got this profession from his legacy. His parents were also the actors and siblings too. They want to follow in their parent’s footsteps.

Jojo Smollet Age, Body Measurements, Height

As Jojo Smollett was born on 28th August ( 1997 ) according to that and 2021 point he views, he is 44 years old man. Smollett zodiac sign is Virgo. Jojo has short hair with pure black. He has brown eyes with dark skin color. We don’t know his weight and height.

Height N /A
WeightN /A
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack

Jojo Smollet Family, Girlfriend, and Relationship Status

Jojo Smollett belongs to a family of actors and performers. He has five siblings of which 2 are sisters and 3 are brothers. Jazz, Jurnee, Jake, Jacqui, and Jussie respectively. One of his broth Jussie is a famous actor, musician, and producer. Jurnee has featured in many films. Jazz is the husband of popular movie producers ‘ Troy warwell’. While Jack is a well-known actor and chef, Jacqui is into tech. They all are spotted in ‘On our own’ where they acted like siblings, having a role in ABC 1994. Jojo belongs biracial while his mother ( Janet Harris ) is an American. His father ( Joel Smollett ) belongs to the Jewish religion. He was firstly living in Poland and then migrate to Russia. Joel Smollett was very supportive of his children. But unfortunately, he was suffering from cancer, and he died in January 2014. When we talk about JoJo’s wife, he is still unmarried but you will get many rumors about him with different girls from social sites. JoJo also doesn’t have any youngsters.

ParentsJoel Smollet, Jnet Harris

Jojo Smollet Net Worth

As Jojo Smollett is a famous actor, film producer, featuring in Television series, comedy-drama series, etc, we can estimate from all these professions of JoJo’s, his net worth is about $1-$6 Million. Jojo is gaining many benefits from his career. He is getting famous day by day as well as financially active. So, we can say Jojo Smollett is very stable financially.

Net Worth $1__$6 Million

Jojo Smollet Social Media

We didn’t have any information regarding Jojo Smollett’s social accounts. Soon, we will update you.

Jojo Smollet Timeline

Jojo Smollett has started his career in 1990 and today he is the well know actor, producer of America. The main thing from where JoJo’s got fame is by showing performance with his siblings in different shows. In which, many of them going to be the best show worldwide e.g ‘Smolletts Eat’. Jojo Smollett is the elder of all other siblings. They all are doing their different work in the film industry. In February 2019, Jojo Smollett had to face many controversies and scandals along with one of his brothers, Jussie who is an openly gay black artist, when JoJo’s were going to perform with him for the first time in public after alleging hate crime assault.

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