Who is David Andres? Biography, Net Worth, Age

David Andres Biography

David Anders Holt was born on 11 March 1981. Professionally David is known as David Anders. His birthplace is Grants Pass, Oregon. David Anders is an American television and a stage actor. David is well known for his various roles including :
Julian Sark on Alias, as John Gilbert in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”, as Adam Monroe in Heroes, as Victor Frankenstein and Dr. Whale on ABCs in “Once upon a time”, as Blaine “DeBeers” McDonough on iZombie. Many of the roles through which David Anders has to use the British Home Counties accent. Davids belongs to white ethnicity and with American nationality.

Birthday 11 March 1981
Birthplace Grants pass, Oregon
Age 40
Occupation Television and stage Actor
Zodiac sign Pisces
Nationality American

David Andres Education

David Anders did his schooling from high school. And from that time he started acting. David spends most of his time playing at school. His favorite game was basketball and table tennis. David got a chance in his life to play Philip the Apostle in the regional theater production that was Jesus Christ Superstar.

He was a senior in high school and just at the age of 15 when David got such a chance in his life. At the same time, David won in another production “Our Town” of high school as a part of George just at the age of 18. After that, David went to another production of “My Fair Lady” the portrays Freddy Eynsford-Hill. David got admission to Wheaton College. And after that, he achieved his graduation degree.

David Andres Career

David Anders chooses the career of stage acting. Let’s talk about some of his stage actings. Firstly in 2001, David played his role as a high school senior in the series of Olsen Twins ‘So Little Time. His other role in 2001 is as a Julian Sark in Alias. In which David act as a guest star and it lasted until 2006. Before going to this debut acting, he also worked at “The Gap” and taught tennis. During this era of 2001-2006, David also appeared in Television shows like Charmed, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI. He also chooses to work in film independently. Like in 2002, he played a film independently named The Surge. And in December 2001, David appeared in a magazine ad for The Source in Rapper Canibus and many more.

David Andres Age, Body Measurements, Height, Weight, Eye, and Hair color

According to 2021, David Anders is 40 years old man. In astrological sign, David has Pisces star. David Anders is one of those persons who have perfect height. And David is 6 feet and 1 inch taller. In meters, it is about 1.83m. While David’s weight is about 79kgs and in lbs it is 174lbs. David Anders has blonde hair color with blue eyes. His body sizes are perfect, one can have. The main reason behind David’s personality is his good physique.

Height 1.83m
Weight 79kgs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde

David Andres Family, Girlfriend and Relationship status

David Anders was born to his parents ( Dr. Tony and Jeri Holt ) in Grant pass, Oregon. He has 3 siblings of which only one is his biological brother ( Arik ) while the other two are adopted siblings including Jason ( brother ) and Maili ( sister ). David Anders’s mother had served humanity. She was a doctor by profession. And the famous and humble woman. At this time, David Anders is still single. He doesn’t have any girlfriend and child yet. But we are doing efforts to find his other family information. We will update you soon.

Although, David is spotted at a public place with co-actor Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries. David also shared a tweet about her once on Twitter and this make the fan more speculate. But after a few days, David cleared that it was just a rumor. There is no relationship between them, they are just close friends. Later, David again spotted with a co_starring from Heroes with Mia Maestro. People said that it could also be a rumor and they will be just close friends and David Anders also cleared too. But from different links, it was clear that they were dating each other. And up till now, it remained unclear and at the same time, that girl also wants to remain hidden. The shocking news is that David was also spotted with other three ladies namely: Mia Kirshner, Devin Kelly, and Alexandra Shipp.

ParentsDr. Tony and Jeri Holt
Siblings 3

David Andres Net Worth

According to David’s career, his activities of playing games as well an influencer, he got huge success in his life. At the same time, he also got huge fame. And from here and different social websites we can estimate David’s net worth that would be approximately USD 5 million.

Net Worth USD 5 million.

David Andres Social Media

David Anders has an Instagram page where he achieved 135k followers and he shared his all main events, his best friends, and others. The main thing he also shared was his pet photos which means that David is a pet lover. David is available on Instagram with this username: @questionsanders4. David is also available on another social media i.e, Twitter with the username of @David Anders. He also got 143k followers on his Twitter page. David also shared his daily hobbies in the form of links. If you want to get information about his daily life you can get through that link which he had put on his Instagram page.

David Andres Timeline

David Anders has a fondness for playing outdoor games as well as acting. That’s why at a very young age during his school time, David participated in many outdoor games and activities of stage acting. And from where David started his profession. So, let’s talk about David’s filmography.
In 2002 David performs the role of Booji in “The Source”. In 2005, he performed the role of Garrison with the title of Circadian Rhythm. In 2006 as a Donovan ( Straight-to-DVD ) in “Left in Darkness”. In 2007 as ELI ( short film ) with the title of ELI. In 2009 as a Carlton ( Straight-to-DVD) with the title of Into the Blue 2: The Reef. In 2009 as a Bart Gregory with the topic of ” The Revenant”. In 2011 as a Hammond ( short film )with the title of The Maiden and the Princess. In the same year, David performed as a role of RL7 ( voice ) with an Archetype title. In 2012 in Timothy Longshanks ( short film ) with Neighbors title.


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